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call of the night

Call of the night is an anime based on the manga of the same series.

It focuses on Ko Yamori who’s a insomniac middle school dropout due to life really not being the way, it shaped up to be and he comes across Nazuna a vampire who promises to turn him into a vampire and help him out with his life and the story focuses on their relationship. She diagnosises him with the “reason” why is because he is bored of life and well, excitement from an older woman like her can cure the boredom.

Ko also encounters other vampires along the way who wanna rizz him up because younger guys to them are what they prefer so if you’re in the milf lover crowd you’re going to love this.

The other vampires too were pretty fun to get to know about and honestly hoping for a harem route ending if that’s going to be possible lol.

She's a vampire sure, but Ko could honestly give less of a fuck about that, since she freely with consent feeds off from him.

The visuals and artstyle were pretty good and the animation too was also decent. It really ups the quality higher and higher as episodes goes by.

The character interactions were decent enough to keep you engaged in the story.

It’s a fairly short anime too with about 13 episodes in it.

The atmosphere was sleek and stylish which was fitting.

The comedy was generally fine too.

Yeah there is an age gap between the characters but honestly, its consenting and well its just fiction and anyone who else who can’t tell the difference is a fucking braindead idiot who should have the book thrown at them as if anything they’re the real groomers not fictional characters who have 0 human rights.

Also outside of being a vampire age wise Nazuna Is around the same age group as Kou would be too.

The music too was also pretty decent the people who made the op and ed even cameod in the anime because of the mangaka really liking their music a lot which is pretty interesting.

Overall it was a decent anime.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

I watched it mainly because some big time anti woke people that like such as haru47 shoutout to him for really going all off on how absoulte cancerous woke culture can really be and putting shitty localization to the sword, and this and monogatari I honestly hope they can go on forever just to piss these schizo alphabetsoup fuckers off lol.


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