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cat street

Cat street is a manga focusing around a ex actress who left the profession as a result of a pretty bad expierence and has since then live a pretty reclusive life.

It was written by the mangaka who also did boys over flowers.

This actress Keito Aoyama is also part of a special school that caters to those who have social skill issues and helps her blossom and it focuses on her life and friendships in El Liston school.

The character development of Keiko was pretty compelling as she goes from social anxiety mess to a much more optimistic person.

Kouchi was pretty cool and I'm surprised they managed to make a computer geek attractive lol, as manga and anime has quite a history of unflattering self depreciating potrayals of weebs that’s sadly translated into real life with so called “fans” who pretty much clout chase only hot shit especially seasonal stuff and only find nothing but problems then so enjoyment and yeah those kinds of people are why I'm all for gatekeeping hard and early but yeah, he’s kind of like Hachiman with not really liking people that much, and tends to keep to themselves a lot but has a particular special interest In a certain topic like he makes computer programs since that’s what he wants to do for a living.

So the concept here is pretty straightforward to the point not the most original but still engaging enough to keep you reading.

I did enjoyed the chemistry between Keito and the characters.

Chika, who is Keito’s younger sister I wasn’t too particularly fond off as she pretty much blames her for her problems and gets into shit on purpose too quite a bit.

But aside from that lot of the students who are “stray cats” of society were pretty compelling in their own ways.

It’s a fairly mid length manga about 36 chapters in it.

The artstyle was pretty decent too.

Overall it was a ok manga.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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