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danganronpa end of hopes peak

Danganronpa 3 end of hopes peak high school is an anime original series taking place after the events of the first 2 games and right before the 3rd game. 

The whole anime was created in mind as to give it something that wouldn’t really work as a game yet at the same time, fit in the world of the danganronpa series this was made around the time the 3rd game was in development. 

The story was also written by the lead writer of Akudama Drive as well too. 

In contrast to methodical mystery this is more straight up brawl to the death this time around. 

Its also best to play the first two games before getting into watching the anime since it was catered to fans and the anime does address the time gaps that happened during the events of the games. 

The anime is split into 3  arcs once you include the ova and its a fairly long series too. 

It focuses on Makoto and friends in another killing game and once again they must find out the mystery behind this killing game once again. 

Like before nobody is going to be safe even characters from past games too they aren’t safe. 

The atmosphere here, its way more grimy and edgier than the average Danganronpa entry or hell anything Spike Chunsoft has worked on even Raincode and The Nonary Games its almost as if they really brought back the original feel of the prototype version of danganronpa before it became the popart inspired story we see now.  

Its really not as obnoxiously humorous as it was before because of that all for the best really as the jokes were at this point really ruining the series it does kind of start like that but after a while it just gets more edgy from here. 

The art and updated character designs are pretty good. 

The characters themselves they are more or less the same and Makoto still can be gullible and naive from time to time. I did particularly liked Seiko’s character design alot.  

Kyoko is still the only reasonable level headed person here as before.


The way characters are handled is kind of iffy as some gets put to the side and others appear longer than they should really be. 

The new characters aren’t really that engaging either especially when they get killed off easily like flies so don’t bother getting to close to them. 

The anime does toy around a bit, with LGBT elements but with characters so uncaring since they die easily honestly doesn’t really make sense to have it there in the first place. 

The animation is as decent as before too. 

The music was pretty good too. 

Overall it was an ok anime adaptation. 

It gets 3 out of 5 stars. 

It will happen Danganronpa 4 and i can imagine its going to have to inevitably address the really messy ending that it presented and no matter how much Kodaka or Uchoski say otherwise, they’ll continue to make death games for as long as its even possible just wait, Danganronpa 4 is going to be the most polarizing visual novel ever to be created that even tops schools day just like i said just wait you’ll see it happen soon enough. 

And once more, rip to the singers of dead or lie and to monokuma’s voice actress in the Japanese sub and may god rest their souls once more. 


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