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dear friends rina and maki

Dear friends rina and maki is a manga 1 shot story with about 4 chapters in it.

It was written by Yoshi who’s notable works include the deep love manga series.

Eventually it also got adapted into a j-drama too like many shoujo.

The story focuses on Rina who has a history of using and dumping friends even sleeping with their respective partners too, who meets up again with her old friend maki after having a potentially fatal illness and starts to realize the true meaning of her friendship while going through illness.

Its kind of hard to sympathize with Rina at first but as time goes by you start to realize what she has been through and start to support her bit more as time goes by.

The relationshp and chemistry Maki and Rina has is pretty compelling and just engaging to read through.

The atmosphere is fitting downbeat and has this kind of somberness to it too.

The artstyle is pretty decent.

Overall it was a pretty interesting short story.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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