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descendants of darkness

Descendents of darkness is a mystery manga by Yoko Matsushika.

The story focuses on a shinigami Asato Tzuki taking on various cases for the summons division making sure that the deceased go to the afterlife and keeping the ghosts at bay resolving whatever unsolved business they may have had while they were alive.

So stories are pretty procedural for the most part.

The art was pretty decent and so was the spooky atmosphere throughout the story. As time goes by the art starts to really improve more too. The character designs were also really good too.

There was a decent amount of comedy in it to break the dark gloomy nature of the story.

The characters were pretty complex and not all what they seem to be.

Tzuki while being the most oldest and also supposedly the most incompetent is actually a pretty deadly reaper with a dark past clouded in mystery and the whole optimist personality is really just a façade.

The character interactions and chemistry with each other was very fun to watch.

Reapers in the series are said to be from deceased individuals with unresolved pasts. Lot of the story also deals in pretty sensitive topics that aren’t really for the faint of heart either.

There were some romance elements in the story included too that were interesting to look at.

The manga is currently on hiatus from what I found on myanimelist but otherwise its said to be a pretty lengthy series.

Overall it’s a pretty good read.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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