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Dr.stone is an anime adaptation of the manga series of the same name and is an edutainment action adventure with strong elements of science and some humor. It starts of in the year 5783 A.D and it has been 3,700 years since a sudden flash has turn almost all humans into stone. Civilization has been overtaken by nature leaving once great cities in total ruins and almost completely covered by vegetation.

(E=Mc2 always a mark of a true genius)

Senku Ishigami, a genius wakes up from his petrification in this post petrified world with hardly any trace of humanity left. He sets up his lab creates a serum that will revive people from the petrification. One of his friends Taiju, is a warrior type and a fellow survivor and he joins up with Senku to revive human civilization with science. But as more people are revived, more problems arise and Senku and Taiju find themselves in a war of ideologies.

(When i was a kid b4 i became a complete otaku i used to watch Jimmy Neutron and looking at this show vs that i would have rather went with Dr.Stone as Senku isn't a egotist like Jimbo plus Dr.Stone has way better comedy.)

The concept is really unique with the prehistoric setting and the struggle between brains and brawn. Everyone of the cast their own personal goals and motivation for survival but everyone has very good chemistry and interesting personalities to go along with it.


Senku Ishigami is a very likable character. He never brags about his intelligence and he instead encourage his peers to be at their best. He’s a very analytical person and anytime his intelligence is displayed its very engaging to see how he uses it to interact in a prehistoric world around him. He’s also really charismatic and always happy to help out his friends.

(Life before petrification)

He may be super confident but he never lets it get the better of him most of the times and while he lacks in physical prowess he makes up for intelligence. Senku and Taiju both have pretty good chemistry and they work well together in situations despite different backgrounds. Taiju is also really likable but is not nearly as intellectual as Senku. He is highly skilled in combat, hardworking and always eager to help others. He does have his moments of genius though.

(On this episode of Kitchen Nightmares)

Tsukasa Shishio believes that humans have become very overly reliant on technology and it has coddled humanity. He wants to recreate a world without technology by destroying the petrified humans so that only the innocent can be able to use technology. Compared to many villains, he is not evil for the sake of it but he is actually a very kindhearted and polite person despite his cynical nature. He doesn’t take pleasure in violence or murder and when he does kill it is mainly for self defense.

(Being a sculptor must be pretty interesting job huh?)

The best thing about the show is its focus on how things work and how things are made through a fictional but still realistic and believable explanation. The show is still entertainment primarily so the science explanations are wrapped in the narrative in a matter of fact manner without being preachy and condescending. The action, while predictable per shonen tropes, is highly entertaining.

(Mt.Fuji always does look very stunning to see)

The artstyle is pretty interesting and so was the character designs and all were complemented by the animation. The background designs were really nicely detailed and the coloring was eye catching. The atmosphere of the show is very unique. Its science fiction but it feels like you’re watching cavemen discovering fire and creating stuff for the first time.

(Science Bitch!)

Theres a lot of crazy and unexpected plot twists that occur randomly. While the series is still ongoing it does a good job covering the majority of what has been presented so far and keeping it as close as it is to the original. Characters pop in and out from time to time but the series is still ongoing so they could appear on the next arc. The show does some pacing issues where some parts are slow and some move very fast. The musical score was really catchy and energetic and all of the songs were pretty good. I also liked the voice acting for the sub and the dubbed version.

The show has been a pleasant surprise for me and I definitely going to watch more episodes.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

The series is still going on so if you are interested feel free to check it out.


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