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dragon quest iv

Dragon Quest IV is the 4th entry of the Dragon Quest series and this is a remake of the chapters of the chosen developed by Cattle Call. Also my first dragon quest game as well too.

The Dragon Quest series is a legendary JRPG franchise in Japan that helped broke new ground for the JRPG genre.

This was series was made long before Squaresoft and Enix merged and the companies were rivals. Dragon Quest was created by ENIX to give an new rpg experience for gamers and it became a sensation in Japan so much so long lines can be seen for a new game coming out especially amongst children and because of that you will usually find a game released on weekends or holidays to prevent kids skipping class. Its even a very common topic of discussion amongst Japanese citizens.

Dragon Quest IV is the first of the series to not be related to the lineage of Erdrick--the game is the first of a new trilogy revolving around the legend of a castle in the sky that watches over the world below. The world map is of a comparable size to that of III, but has no direct parallels to the real world in regards to the shape of the continents and nature of the kingdoms.

The story in IV is a more character-focused tale centered around the lives of the chosen ones prior to and during their quest to prevent the resurrection of the ruler of evil, Estark. The first four chapters of the story are about the hero's companions and their own challenges and hardships. While they each travel with their own goals and dreams in mind, they all eventually discover the conspiracy of Psaro the Manslayer to drive the human race to extinction via Estark's evil power.

The story themes you see in may jrpgs are ones that Dragon Quest popularized like hero's tale,evil that must be stopped and powerful equipment that’s they key to stopping them. You can choose the gender of the character you are playing and what name they will be having.

The artstyle of each game is done by Akira Toryiama of the Dragonball fame and it’s the constant staple of the series.

The characters were really entertaining especially Ragnar Mcryan and their backstories are very unique.

Chapter 3 is very unusual by jrpg standards even by today. Your main goal is to make as much money as possible as Tomeko as you can either work in your shop or just explore around and defeat enemies and look for treasure to help provide for your family.

The graphics are really good.

Its become very easier to save the game by just traveling to the house of healing instead of speaking to the king like in previous games.

The audio quality is very good.

It really does deserves it legendary status.

It gets 5 out 5 stars.


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