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Gad Guard

Gad Guard is an anime created Hiroshiki Nishikori it’s a mecha anime set in the faraway future where the earth is pretty much dying off and the story is set in unit blue a multipart city with their own areas that represent the kind of quality of life there is there.

Night town for example is a crime ridden place where a lot of criminals and gangs are in all out war for who can run it.

The cyberpunk atmosphere was pretty interesting I'll give it that.

The characters encounter a special device called “Gads” which are robot based devices that activate based on the kind of strong emotion the characters have and the story focuses around the lives of human and gad devices.

Unit blue’s world design, was interesting as each areas own flair gave something for it to stand out.

So the story isn’t really the most original but still has its moments that are interesting.

The artstyle was pretty good and I did liked the bleak looking visual design.

The animation from Gonzo its ok and you can tell its showing its age.

The music didn’t really fit for the anime for me personally.

The characters too well they aren’t really anything that interesting or engaging either since they did felt kind of tropey.

Some of the plot elements were not really developed properly as they should have like the techodes for example and what exactly really are the gads too.

The mecha action in it was decent enough to keep you engaged in it.

It’s a fairly long anime too with about 26 episodes in it.

Pacing wise it does take some time for things to get going but after a while it does find its footing.

Overall it was a decent show.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.

You really have to be huge into the mecha genre to enjoy this.


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