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gravel kingdom

Gravel Kingdom is a oneshot manga story by Kaori Yuki.

It focuses around Kirameki who’s a heir to a kingdom in a world covered in sand trying to get back their kingdom and the desert setting is a pretty sharp contrast to the atypical gothic styled story from the mankgaka of this story.

The plot itself isn’t anything too original you can almost see something like this in quite a bit of manga or anime.

The art is pretty good as usual from Kaori Yuki who still manages to give a really detailed world with a different setting.

Character designs too were fine.

The action was pretty decent too.

The pacing can be a bit off at times like things really pick up the pace a lot at the mangas final chapters.

The characters were fairly ok too.

I did liked the desert like feel in the atmosphere.

Overall it was a decent one shot.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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