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Holiday 2021 haul

Hey ya'll hope you had a good holiday season sorry about the inactivity as of late orz i was busy with piling up reviews so i can dump them all at once and hopefully things pick up soon.

So as a filler article heres what i got over the holidays

reproduction copy of pokemon soulsilver sadly but still its a really great remake and older pokemon always over the newer shit that is being milked like hell and is just getting more and more braindead by the day.

got this on black friday and this was a really good remade version of the original game and well worth the playthrough.

Another game i got on Black Friday and this was a huge amount of fun.

This was a really chill and relaxing game and a whole bunch of fun as well too.

Everyone really is here and this is where my interest of obscure and older games came from especially Japanese ones.

Skyward Sword HD is the version i would personally pick since it doesn't require the, wiimotion plus needed for the game.

This was a really fun game from Platinum and i really had a lot of fun from start to finish.

the best visual novel that made the best anime.

first game i got from this series and an interesting game i say.

By far one of the best fe games i've played.

since the gameplay and story reminded me of saga frontier i decided to go with and its a nice game.

play this instead of watching the anime.

The JP variants of the respective games and so cannot wait for a JP ps2 to be in my possession soon.

by far the best metroid game i've played.

interesting game i'd say

My Chuuya figure since i'm really obsessed with BSD atm.

thats all i have for now!!


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