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jiatsu circle

Suicide club is a manga I believe based on the j-drama of the same name.

Its written by the same mangaka as short cuts.

It focuses on a group of schoolgirls that try to commit suicide from various horrific ways like jumping off a building or on a train station and why they are doing it and what could have been done to try and prevent it.

The whole story was made in mind about the increasingly rising mental health crisis especially suicide rates in Japan and whats been causing it.

The characters were ok and had good amount of focus to them. Just about a lot of the girls really had quite the sad backstory to them.

The artstyle was pretty decent too it fits the kind of brutal horror feel that its going for.

The atmosphere here was grim and bleak just like the movie itself.

Its really short too about 6 chapters so it can feel pretty fast paced at times but easily understandable.

Overall it was an ok adaptation.

It gets 3 out 5 stars.


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