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metroid manga

The Metroid manga is an prequel adaptation of the metroid games and the story focuses on samus life as a bounty hunter.

I still only played dread and prime remastered on the switch so my perspective outside of super smash bros is still kind of raw and inexperienced still.

There were some references to the other games from what I looked up mainly zero and other m.

The manga does give some characterization to Samus who in the games is often not really given a personality.

Samus here is pretty broody,determined and vengeful to the sadist Ridley and the space pirates like in the games they are respoinsble for Samus losing their colony and family hence why Samus went to became a bounty hunter.

I really liked how the manga focuses on character development of samus as gotta be real, lot of nintendo games ain’t really focused on character development its more so on gameplay and having the player be their own character instead of having a more established character in storytelling like Ashley Robbins from Trace Memory.

It still has that kind of melancholic broody atmosphere that matches the games.

The artstyle is pretty decent and its also the only art credit from what I can find of Kenji Ishikawa which is kind of a shame really since I think the artist could have done some pretty good job doing art for other mangakas out there.

The character designs in the manga style was all good too.

Its kind of short about 16 chapters in it so things kind of feel pretty fast in contrast to the more methodical exploration pacing of the games itself.

Overall it was an decent adaptation of the games.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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