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My personal haul ep1

So i've recently had my haul of goodies i've ordered on Boxing Day form Nin-Nin game (Full disclosure no nobodies paying me at all to promote them or to advertise in any way at all)

And i've been spending the past few days checking out the stuff i have and here's all what i got from them.

Love once mermaids tears prenium box edition

So if you remember a while back when i just started doing Japan exclusive reviews Love Once Mermaids Tears was one of the first reviews i did. Since i had a good time with that game i decided to collect the prenium box edition and it comes with an artbook and poster and the music cd along with the game itself but sadly it didn't came with the nendodroid since its used. But still its a good find i found and pretty cheap compared to amazon prices.

As an S.O.S Brigade member for life first last and always and how much i'm really starting to like the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya series after a rough start i decided to give the prenium box a purchase as i still want to help out Kyoani in any i can. It comes with the headset,posters,artbook,pouch but not the psp stand sadly since this is also used but still a pretty good purchase and inexspensive as well too compared to amazon prices.

White Album

Now this is one of the first visual novels i heard of when i started looking into Japanese exclusive visual novels and i've seen the anime not too long ago so i decided to get the game to see how it plays compared to the anime. I do plan on getting the sequel later on.

Oni Zero

When i just started purchasing from Nin Nin game and when i was going through the ps1 section this was one of the first games that came up and what drew me to it was its edgy cover style and its developed by a company that goes by "Pandora's Box" Now they go by Shannon Co. LTD these days when i checked out Mobygames. But the gameplay when i've checked videos on it on youtube it does look pretty interseting and i'm looking forward to trying it out.


This is one of the visual novels from the Yarudora series and the series is known for its full motion animation instead of static like the majortiy of visual novels its the third game in the series and it only came out in Japan. And the game from what i have looked up is a mystery identity theft game so this should be interesting to try out.

Yeah my apologies i was going to take out xenogears photo but this came in the way it won't happen again next time i do a haul.

Now Xenogears is something i've been interested in since i've played Xenoblade 2 on my switch years ago. And i've seen the Xenosaga anime but i still need to play the games but i'm hoping it does get released as a compliation for the next gen consoles and a complete remake of Xenogears does sound cool as long as it doesn't get split up into multiple parts and wait 13 years given how much Square is notorious for shit resource management,communication and stretching itself too thin on multiple things all at once.

But i've been reading the perfect works,looking up the history of the game development and also about the story and lore and its really incredible and i am really looking forward for to playing this game.

Kisetu Wo Dakishimete

Now this is another Yarudora visual novel and another first ps1 visual novel i heard about when i was going through exclusives. This game is a mix of amenesia and romance and the story does look to be interesting so i'll be sure to try this out.

Double Cast

the final game i got from nin nin game

Its another amnesia based game and it focuses on a film club and this is also another pretty unique concept i don't really see often.

I know i still have to get a Japanese ps2 slim but these are so i can have something to play when i do get it. I'm currently saving up for one to import online and also a ps vita as well too since its way easier finding one in Japan than so it is in the west these days due to the pandemic spiking the prices and people are bored as hell so thats going to of course happen.

If i do find any other cool stuff from Japan or from amazon i'll be sure to let you guys know and i'll see ya on the next post one love and all the best to you guys and your loved ones during the pandemic.


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