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no more heroes

no more heroes is a hack and slash game for the wii by grasshopper manufacture.

It focuses on Travis Touchdown the sterotypical otaku who decides to pay for his love of anything anime,manga,video games or luchadores by being a assassin for the UAA and his rise to being the number one ranking assassin in the world. As well as other part time jobs he may come across with too.

The game makes use of a lot and I mean a lot of pop culture references.

It’s a pretty unusual concept and a pretty unusual story as per a typical Suda51 project. The characters were also pretety interesting too and had good voice acting in it. The comedy in this game was perfect.

Santa Frea the open world itself, its kind of lacking really and riding on your bike felt pretty clumsy to do.

You can take on side jobs to help with getting the fees pay for you to enter battles and also visit the gyms to learn new moves and enhance Travis.

There's also Beefhead where you can learn new moves from the luchadore wrestling dvds you find.

You can get random powerups during combat which makes Travis either invincbleand instantly kill enemies in the way.

Theres also, batteries to find to recharge the laser katana and you can unlock variations of it as time goes by and upgrade it too.

The wii mote controls were pretty fun to use.

You can also buy and unlock clothes on the way too.

There were some issues with it though.

There were some technical hiccups from time to time and that was basically really it.

The music was pretty good too.

Overall it was a fun game.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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