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Norn Nine Last Era

Norn Nine Last Era is an Otome fandisc that takes place after the events of the endings from the first Norn Nine game. It is highly recommended that you play the first game before playing this one. It consists of four different story parts: Prelude being a recap of what happened, Concert consisting of moonlight being the epilogue, Sunburst focusing on the day to day lives of the cast and Epilogue as the final part of the story. 

Norn+Life is a jrpg like simulator where you play as either 3 of the main leads and it basically focuses on you interacting around the ship and its main goal is to focus on getting the best ending possible. You can use the tickets you get to buy extra stuff from the Norn store. 

The characters are the same as before. Fugue has the point of view of the main love interests. Fantasia being the what if side of the game using Chibi styled character designs. The music and art are as great as the previous game and the user interface was very good. I did not experience any technical hiccups. The pixel graphics there are surprisingly quite good and it is the first time Idea Factory technically had a pixeled styled game since Jiakandia for the PSP. That is how long it has been so it was pretty good to see them experiment with that artstyle again. The grammar is incredibly bad. 

Overall, it was a decent fandisc. 

It gets 4 out of 5 stars. 

Fans of Norn Nine would certainly enjoy this. 


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