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peach girl

Peach Girl is an anime series based of the manga of the same name. 

It focuses on Momo Adachi and her love life in school especially with love triangles and being the victim of gossip by Sae her “friend”. 

Momo especially gets made fun off because of her ganguro interests because Tanned skin at that time meant she was a thot. 

The story its really nothing special and if anything its Scott Pilgrim Vs The World in a school setting minus the supernatural millennial gen-z quirky edge type shit thats in it. 

Its just really absolutely zero kind of logic momo still being friends with Sae even after all that like it just wasn’t any sense to it. 

Also not helping either is how gulliable the characters especially Momo can really be too. 

The worst thing about the story is the amount of jumping to conclusions especially on Momo’s part there is throughout the story. 

So overall the concept of the story was generic and even below average by shojo standards. 

The comedy too especially wasn’t really that great. 

Its a complete adaptation something of an outlier for a 2000s anime but it happened lol. 

Nobody in the series was really that likable since everyone there was just as miserable as the next person. 

The music was pretty decent. 

The animation was ok and so was the artstyle too. 

Overall it wasn’t really that great of an anime. 

It gets 2 out of 5 stars. 

You really have to a be fucking toxic e-thot or dramasetting shitstarter e-kid to like this kind of crappy shojo and if anything anime like this is exactly why a crash should happen in the industry so do not watch this shit at all period.


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