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Princess Tutu

Princess tutu is an original anime series inspired by the ballet “Swan Lake” and the fairy tale “The Ugly Duckling”. The concept of the show is very creative stitched together by magical girl elements. It is primarily a fairy tale with the girl having to save the prince.

(Funny story i've actually had women taken and not taken flirt with me and looked at me when i wasn't even noticing but i never paid any attention at all to them and i've been looked at my parents like "BRO ARE YOU THAT DENSE!")

In the anime, Drosselmeyer is an author of childrens’ fables who was know for bringing his stories to life. He was bored of writing happy stories all the time so he created a darker fable. But he died before he could have finished one fable, “The Prince And The Raven” which has led the 2 characters forever in eternal battle. In order for the prince to seal the evil, he shattered his own heart with his sword causing him to have no memories or emotions from his previous life. Drosselmeyer who is now an apparition, has decided it is time to finish his finish his final story. However, instead of fictional characters in his story, he uses real people to enact the ending.

(Imagine seeing ballet like this in an otaku convention.)

A duck,Ahiriu Rima is in love with Mythro, an empty remainder of Prince Siegfreid. Drosselmeyer decides to give this duck a special egg-shaped pendant that turns it into a beautiful ballerina. Without her pendant or if duck quacks while speaking Ahriu, turns back into a duck. She can return to human form if she touches water while wearing the pendant. As a human, Ahriu Rima is an aspiring ballet dancer attending art school.

(The homie Roshi is way more entertaining than this guy)

The story is lighthearted focusing on more optimistic things like hope and happiness but there are elements of human conflicts. Beside the human cast, there is also andromorphic animals that go along with the main cast and its pretty interesting to see. Another major theme of Princess tutu is fate and how the characters deal with destinies as ballets by its nature are predetirmined fiction and the characters have a set fate that they are mostly aware of. This is different as Drosselmeyer is using "real people" to conclude his story and the characters are trying to fight against the cards that are dealt against them.