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Red Garden

Red garden is a anime that was created by Gonzo and it focuses on 4 girls who are “Dead” and must find out what really happened as they don’t remember what really happened before that.

The story concept was pretty interesting for its time.

Included in it is a long war between monster and human clans battling for survival which gives a interesting twist into things since both sides are cursed and need to find a way to break out of it but they don’t wanna help each other out even though ironically they both are stuck in the same mess as each other.

The character dynamics between the lead characters was interesting if albeit not exactly the most orgiginal in terms of personality they all had unique backgrounds in spite of them being in like this upper class type school and personality and the character development they had was engaging to see.

Yeach it was kind of annoying seeing some characters be like crybabies all the time though on the otherhand.

The animation is pretty good and it has a synchronization technique you won’t see often in anime particularly when the musical sequences go on.

The artstyle is good and its something you would see during the 2000s period of shojo and josei during that time with the character designs too especially.

The tonal balance isn’t exactly the best, since it can shift from musical to action anime at any given random moment especially early on in the story.

Pacing too can be a bit off from slow with not much happening to more action coming on.

The action sequences were pretty decent too.

The voice acting too was pretty decent.

The music itself is pretty good.

It’s a fairly long anime about 22 episodes.

The art is also good.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

Heres another anime, that’s proof that anime has always had a strong history of strong female leads.

But alas, the ignoramuses cultists from tumblr,tiktok,twitter,reddit and restera would say otherwise and that jjk is somehow revolutionary for doing that even though Sally The Witch came out decades ago :woozyface:.

Yeah let those fuckers kill each other off, especially ones who use niche “classy” types of anime like this as a aesthetic be it pfp or layout just to appear sophisticated even though it’s a fucking anime at the end of the day and using that just to appear “cool” only comes off as nothing but absoulte cringe at its highest form especially around the anime fandom just don’t do it at all its total cringe and anyone who does that is total cringe.

That being said if you want a strong female lead show this is it support this instead of the dumb fucks at mainstream social media peace out ya’ll.

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