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Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 is the 5th entry of the series and it focuses on Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar in Africa stopping a local outbreak and also stopping Wesker once and for all since he’s involved in this outbreak too.

This game takes the action adventure focus even more so now and its also kind of more linear too while sure some sections do require backtracking here its more focused on reaching point a to b.

Theres also sections where you can defend enemies off with a chaingun and also most infamously quick time events especially that one scene that really showcases how much like call of duty and battlefield the series was really starting to be with that boulder scene in a fucking volcano of all places like damn I knew the series was b-movie like that could get at blockbusters back in the day but here this is really taking the cake lol what a way to get fans into the series.

The story on that note its typical resident evil stuff nothing new here biohazard outbreak happens dogshit dialogue and serviceable voice acting included, heroes save the day rinse and repeat.

The enemies here are Majini who are infected Africans from the Las Plagas virus and these guys are pretty fucking relentless and them being able to use firearms is enough to really keep you on your toes and the executioner and chainsaw majinis can be a huge pain in the ass especially since enemies in the game can be damage sponges at times.

Then again having a partner too can be either helpful or annoying since unlike in the first revelations game while invincible but also really ineffective in combat with their bb gun pellets here they are required to help you out and if you or your partner dies its game over and you can share and trade items.

Sheva as a partner she’s not like Ashley as she can take care of herself and she has a pretty solid personality too and even Chris had some moments of characterization outside of combat which was interesting to see and its pretty rare that actually do give characters other sides than just what we see all the time with it being so combat focused all the time.

You can find treasure and sell them for equipment and items to help you out in combat and you upgrade them too without really the need of finding a merchant though it was kind of a shame not seeing the legendary merchant of resident evil 4 in my opinion.

The graphics here are really good and to this day it’s the best out of any resident evil game and its one of the best capcom has ever done too.

Controls can be kind of slippery at times and it took me a bit of time getting used to it.

Overall it was a good entry for the series.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

No you’re not a racist if you like this game, and no capcom wasn’t even making this with race in mind,they just wanted something new for the series and this what they work with since the developers wanted to make it something like black hawk down.

The only ones making it about race is the t-virus infected blm/antifa supporters that’s who and I am so not looking forward to part 2 of discourse when the inevitable remake comes around. So get ready to be spending all night, reporting,blocking and ignoring any fuckers who try to bully others just for liking resident evil when that day arrives.


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