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scott pilgrim vs the world the game

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World is a video game adaptation of the manga of the same series.

The game was developed by Ubisoft and this is the first time in ages I ever played something from Ubisoft, and the main reason why I'm playing this game is because of the upcoming anime adaptation by science saru that’s said to be coming out sometime in the future supposedly.

The version I'm playing is the switch port from limited run games, as I personally would never cover a mobile game and I wouldn’t really cover digital only games either so that’s the route I went with.

Also because it has all of the dlc content included in too.

Like the manga itself, it focuses on Scott trying to date Ramona Flowers, but Scott must go through the league of evil exes and defeat them in order to date Ramona.

The game utilzes a 2d beat em up style kind of like River City Girls and both share a similar quirky sense of humor and style of characters and story too.

The graphics and artstyle In addition to the animation is pretty good and still holds up pretty well to this day.

Some of the enemies can get really annoying like the cameraguys stunning you every few secs and hitting you a lot. Some of them can be quite the damage sponge too and jumping you around all over the place and overly relying too much on blocking too.

Also really annoying is random projectiles and other hazards randomly flying through every few seconds or so in some stages.

At least the platforming here is not as awkward as say river city girls was.

Each of the boss fights were pretty unique enough to make things not feel like the same all the time.

So the difficulty here can be really random like easy some areas and artificially hard in other areas.

However you can use special abilties each character having their own unique one with gutpoints to deal lot of damage to enemies.

The slightest hit can send you being knocked back a few areas and your weapon dropping immediately which can get really annoying.

Kind of a nitpick but shops don’t show which stat your going to get boosted before you buy it unlike what river city girls had.

It can be a bit grindy too but you can buy items from stores to increase your stats and I had a kind of rough start but after a while from stocking up on so much food it pretty much became a breeze.

Atmosphere wise, it can be pretty trippy and edgy and it fits really well.

The music too is really good and the same band composing the music is also going to be composing music for the upcoming anime too.

It’s a fairly short game but there is some filler here and there sadly.

Overall it was a surprsingly pretty good port of an otherwise rough around the edges game.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.

I do plan on reviewing the anime whenever it does come around, and I can imagine sales for this game will really go up.

Also another thing to note, I got this copy of mine from microplay right here in my area in Canada as the money goes to the store itself not limited run games because no way would I support

And no, I don’t even plan on intendeing too at all review anything from Ubisoft in the future, I don’t wanna attract fucking normie type gamers or braindead shills into my site I'll stick to what I like as always this game just happened to fall on my lap based on my gaming preferences and long story short to end this rant, fuck ubisoft and the people who support brainded practises too peace out ya’ll.


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