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sin and punishment star sucessor

Sin and punishment for the wii is the latest entry into the sin and punishment series originally a Japanese exclusive for the n64 it eventually was given a new chance with the capabilities of the wii at its time.

Its set several years after the events from the first game and as expected you don’t have to focus on playing the first game before playing this game.

You have to stop this terroristic alien threat from destroying the planets.

Its an on rails shooter and a pretty fast paced one too at that as enemies in the game will not stop and will not give up so easily.

The more you hit enemies the more points you score.

It’s a fairly short game with about 8 stages typical of an on rails shooter. But each of them has its own unique design to them

The wii controls were pretty good and you can use the pro controller too. There’s also a melee system where you can slash enemies up close and personal and can be pretty useful.

It can be pretty challenging at times like really challenging as time goes by.

The art design was pretty good and so were the character designs too.

The music was also good too.

The graphics too still hold pretty well.

Can't really talk about the online features as its now at this point non existent.

The points system is just like madworld has just to keep track of score not for extra lives or weapon upgrades so kind of useless to have.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

They should really bring this back and hopefully it can also inspire other on rail games to come back like elemental gearbolt.


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