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Steins Gate the anime

Steins Gate: The series takes place a year after Chaos Head in the science adventure series. Members of the Future Gadget Laboratory led by Rintaro Okabe have unintentionally created a time machine that can send communications across time. This draws the attention of SERN, a group controlled by the Committee of 300, a group bent on world domination. Rintaro Okabe and his team are always working on inventions that could change the world and bring an end to the Committee of 300.

(We already know by now how much i hate this cumdumpster.)

Stein’s Gate: The Anime is incredibly faithful to the original game in terms of story and themes. It has the same kind of suspenseful atmosphere, time travel and Otaku humor as the game.

(We also already know how much i find him insufferable as well.)

Theres a lot more detailed explanation to science related concepts in comparison to the shortened Chaos Head. The concept of time and the debate of whether or not time travel is possible is handled in an intelligent manner with both sides of the argument presented. Obviously, some scientific liberties are taken to make the anime more entertaining. As like any other science adventure related media you can play or watch the anime in any order without having to look at the other.

(Shippers love stuff like this alright)

The characters are exactly like the visual novel and act just the same. Rintaro Okabe is insufferable and always goes overboard with his plans. Okabe sees himself as this mad scientist trying to fight against society and in particular SERN. His over-the-top inventions fail more often than not. Like in the game his predictions about SERN are accurate. The show still has that infamous scene where he gropes Luka.

(Zombie celeb17 assistant Christina meeting her onlyfans simps and are surprised there is no birthmark on her backside.)

The Japanese voice actors return to reprise their roles and are excellent. The dialogue in the Japanese sub closely follows the original one in the game which is pretty good. The English actors do a decent job too. The animation has aged incredibly well and the art is as highly detailed as it is in the visual novel. The coloring is very monochromatic and dreary which fits the story and mirrors the visual novel. The character designs are really great. The musical score was pretty good and the opening and ending animation was very good as well. The anime has new musical pieces that were not in the game and it was done the by the series composer who had only a small role in Chaos Head.

(Christina makes a better teacher than any of these teachers who fill these kids heads in schools and turns them into little shits spouting all sorts of woke nonsense.)

The show is fairly long with about 26 episodes and the finale where both Kurusu and Mayuri are still alive was very good. There were some problems with the show. The pacing was slow and it took some time to get going. Episode 12 is where things start to get going and everything starts to really come into play.

(E-Girls putting up an act in front of the simptakus.)

The English dub strayed at times from the original otaku nature of the series with western pop culture references. The subtitles in Japanese were substandard. Braun was constantly referred to as Brown instead of his proper name. The amount of slang used instead of the original words really didn’t work well for the translation. There were some unexplained events like what was Kurusu's father going to do with the time traveling papers.

(Imagine my shock!)

Overall, this is without a doubt one of the best anime adaptations of a video game like Bayonetta Bloody Fate and Street Fighter 2.

It gets a 5 out of 5 upas.

A movie sequel Déjà vu is also released and I’ll be doing that as well along with Chaos Head and Chaos Child since these are the ones I am most familiar with.

Buy the anime, manga and the games instead of watching the live action Hollywood adaptation.

Especially given how all complete fucking cancer western entertainment truly is and so is the mainstream media for that matter and are going to wokeify it so that the faux outrage crowd can find something to complain about and turn 2chan into Resetera and a bunch of other shit.

So buy physical media of Steins Gate anime,manga,video games and the merch.


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