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x-day is a short manga story by the creator of afterschool nightmare.

The story focuses on a group of girls who all happen to attend the same highschool as each other and this school in particular has quite the laundry list of issues so they decide to go on a online chat group and come up with the bright idea to blow it up when no one is around hence the term x day.

The story was inspired by school shootings and bullying incidents that can lead people into being pushed to doing extreme things, and not because 90s trangressive media tells them to do so.

It’s a pretty insane idea and one to make you think that’s crazy and it is but the best part about the story is how it convinces you to support the characters in this kind of crazy idea they are doing.

The atmosphere is pretty dreary and depressing as expected given the storytone.

The art was pretty decent too it did took me sometime though to get adjusted to the kind of artstyle the mangaka employs.

The characters were pretty sympathetic and given the kind of stuff they go through in the story then yeah, they have every right to get angry at the things that they go through here.

Its kind of short too so you can finish it in in about a day or so.

Overall for a short read it was pretty engaging.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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