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you told a lie

You told a lie is a psychological short shoujo manga seires focusing on Saki who has a special abiltiy to see unique black silloutes to detect if someone is being a liar and how she confronts those decitful people too.

Saki’s reasoning to why she doesn’t like liars was due to some personal issues growing up so its pretty understandble.

The concept of it is pretty interesting and certainly not your typical shoujo convention either.

Kind of a shame that its short too because a concept based on this as a full fledged longer series would have been pretty promising.

It shows the different sides to why people can be dishonest so its not all exactly black and white per say.

The manga had a pretty decent use of thriller and also managed to give a somewhat somber feel to its atmosphere too.

I did also liked the art in addition.

The characters pretty ok nothing too special really.

Overall it was an ok manga

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.


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