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Dishonored Death Of The Outsider

The game is an expansion to the main story of Dishonored 2 it takes place after the events from the story and you play as Billie Lurke who takes on her biggest job ever. Killing The Outsider with the help of her mentor Daud who is ailing and has not much time left.

You can play the game without having to play the first two games so its accessible towards new comers as well.

Rosario Dawson returns as Billie lurk in Dishonored 2 and Michael Madsen plays Daud again and they both do a good job voicing their respective characters.

The graphics are the same as Dishonored 2 along with its combat and gameplay but it does have notable differences.

For instance the missions in the game unlike in Dishonored 2 due to the amount of time there was to develop it its not themed in the same way as in Dishonored 2 but in this case you have to rely on some powers more than other powers.

The game removes the need to find potions even though you can still collect them as you are now able to experiment fully with the wide range of powers that you have. Your mana now restores on its own fully and this gives you the ablity to freely use your powers anytime you like.

You can still play the game however you like in a open-ended sandbox world through stealth or going in heads on. With completing objectives in anyway you choose and exploring the world and being able to create your own playstyle.

Billie has her own set of void powers like Semblance the ability to steal another npc's identity. All of the powers are given to you once you achieve them which is quite useful. It also can lead into unique interactions with npcs. The game encourages you to use your abilties more freely now which is quite good.

Her main form of mobility is Displace where she can set a marker anywhere in the world and she can teleport at anytime kind of like Blink for Corvo.

She also has her own gadgets like the new Hook mine where you can place it on floors or ceilings and it will grab enemies and pull them towards it. It can also be used non-lethally to neutralize a target or hide a body,but if you place 2 hook mines together it can rip enemies in half killing them.

She has her own up close and personal execution moves that are bloody as ever. And also she has her own thoughts on the world around her whenever she interacts with an npc or place of interest. Where depending on her actions makes a certain remark towards it just like in Dishonored 2.

In new game plus you can have Emily's powers while you play the game if you have a save file form Dishonored 2.

While on missions you can pick up optional contracts from the black market which are side missions such as killing another character.Which rewards you coins to spend on the black market so you can purchase supplies. You still have to be resourceful in the game as you have to find items that can help you like potions to regenerate health and buy items like ammunition. Upgrades have there own pathways like in Dishonored 2 so there is no right or wrong way in choosing a upgrade.

The story its what it says on the title taking out the outsider. Now It may give mixed reactions to fans of Dishonored as the outsider is well known for him being a amoral trickster god who observes and comments your events. He is the one who has been there since the first game of the series like Corvo and Emily. I found the idea of killing an immortal to be interesting and how they pull it off through the overarching missions is quite interesting. You can explore the different side of Serkonos from the criminal underground to investigating a cult who worships the outsider and by infiltrating this cult you find out the steps to kill the outsider. The story is on a much smaller scope and its not like the big massive conspiracy from the first two games which lets you take out multiple targets as you find out more behind who really is behind this conspiracy to take over the throne. I personally found the story to be more of the same really no matter what choices you make due to the lack of chaos system. It takes place several months after Dishonored 2 and Billie Lurk has recently resurfaced in order to find her missing mentor who brought her in the Whalers and Responsible for the death of the empress Daud in order to find out who the outsider is and why he really is here and end him once and for all. It also continues on Daud's quest for redemption after his deep regret of killing the Empress in the first story and now at advanced age he wants to stop the outsider from his tricks and to make sure he never hurts anybody again.

You learn more about who the outsider is and how he as affected the world of Dishonored and why he really exists in the world.

The game a notable thing about is the lack of chaos system. You can play the game however you like without the world changing around you. It's certainly much more liberating now as you can play however game style you want without consequence from going in heads on to taking a stealthier approach.

Like other Dishonored games it has a lot of replay value and you can explore the levels on one sitting and complete objectives however you like. And find collectibles you might missed. And also explore hidden areas in the map that can also lead into other ways into completing missions.

The AI in this game is highly smart like in Dishonored 2 You can customize the AI once again to make the game more easier or harder.

You can take out your targets lethally or non lethally through creating poetic accidents once again but with the lack of chaos system it does not have much impact if you killed them or not.

You can also do special actions that can help you with your objectives like in the first two games that can potentially alter the story depending on the choices you make.

It can be beaten in just one day as this is a short game and its an expansion to the main story but its still a great game.

It gets 4 stars

It’s a good end to the Kaldwin era of the game and if you like Dishonored or if you are new to the series take a look at this game and explore the amoral world of Dishonored once again.

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